Friday, April 30, 2010


I have yet to see a home without a collection of CD's & DVD's.
Almost everyone has one of these in great quantities.

Here are a few solutions to contain and organize them beautifully.

Display and storage ideas:

For small, easy to access collections-

I personally use this by my computer. It's colorful and fun. It also has a very handy index in the front, which covers inventory as well. Each slot is numbered for easy labeling and location of all your CD's. I love the different colors for sorting: computer games, music, computer programs, picture CD's, etc. Black & white sleeves are also available.

For attractive desk or table display and easy access:

This Discgear system allows for quick retrieval.

This one is just sleek and attractive.

For large collections displayed and easily accessed:
Wall mounting in a media room is great for everyone to find what they are looking for easily.

There are so many options for CD/DVD storage and display. There are beautiful furniture cabinets to close and hide your collections. Leather albums to store CD's in sleeves. The possibilities are endless.

A great website resource is CD Rackem.
They have solutions for everything including video game storage systems!

Organizing your collections will save you time, but most importantly money.
Scratched discs, repeat purchases and lost items will be a thing of the past.
There is not ONE perfect solution, but there is one perfect solution for you.
The important part is picking the one you like the best, and will UTILIZE.
The part I love about my job is finding the right solution for you.

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